A film by Marilia Destot , 2008
on the photography of Ariane Lopez-Huici

“This documentary film, The Body Close up by Marilia Destot, expresses the authenticity and the variety of Ariane Lopez-Huici's art as a photographer. We see how she (who is tiny) works with her big goddesses. We see her relationship to dance and music. With her we explore Mali and the sidewalks of New York. And with her we change - radically and forever - our ideas about what constitutes the beauty of the body.”

Edmund White
New York, 2009

Dance-performance by Ariane Lopez-Huici, 1995
Filmed by Chrystel Egal
Music improvised by William Parker

“What does a woman want ?

From the beginnings of time to contemporary psychoanalysis, humanity turns again and again to this haunting question. This performance by Ariane Lopez-Huici does not propose an answer, but poses the question anew with disturbing intensity. There is both pain and self-assurance, pride despite a mysterious, burning hurt, and the affirmation of a pleasure that is solitary yet destined for the gaze of an invisible partner. This lithe and ageless body, exposed before us, translates into modern gestural practice the memory of the ancient Spanish duende. And Ariane Lopes-Huici becomes its unexpected messenger.“

Julia Kristeva
New York, 1995

Excerpt from the film "M... la Maudite"
by Jean-Paul Fargier, 2007